Hi guys! Here’s a personal project I just finished up as a thank-you gift to a very special friend. The animal is, of course, a red fox, and the constellation in the sky is Vulpecula (“The Fox”). For this little painting I used gouache and milk paint on an untreated wood panel. I loved the panel as a substrate- mostly because of the limits it put on me. Gouache is meant to be used with paper, so the extra time each layer took to dry into the wood really forced me to take my time with color and layering decisions. I feel great about this little guy- and I’m definitely going to do some more experimentation with these wood panels and see what comes out of it.

Shrink Pots


Nick has been making these shrink pots lately and he was kind enough to let me paint a few of them last night! (See more of Nick’s stuff here.) I know my photography still leaves QUITE a lot to be desired, but I was helped along in the styling of this photo by pieces of my bridesmaids bouquet from a close friend’s recent wedding. How gorgeous are those crazy yellow globes??

Barn Owl


Some personal work from my frigid living room in life-threateningly cold Minneapolis. This barn owl was a kind of study to learn how to better use PS layers to create final color from line drawings. For this comp I limited myself to two color tones- basically a pure cyan and pure magenta- and layering/multiplying to create depth and tone. Once I had created a fully colored image, I let myself play with adjustment layers and tonal adjustments, but I still felt best about the piece as a whole when it stayed within an extremely limited palette.


Happy New Year


From my desk wishing y’all a happy new year. For my part I’m hoping this year brings simplicity and mindfulness with abundance only in the right places- and also balance, focus, and work. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring.